About me :

I teach mathematics in Islamic Azad Univrsity of Shiraz.

Educations :

Ph. D.   Isfahan University of Technology,  Algebra, 2013.

M. S.   Isfahan University of Technology, Algebra, 2006.

B. S.   Isfahan University of Technology, Mathematical sciences, 2004.



  1. A. Haghany, M. Gurabi, M.R. Vedadi, "Modules Whose Endomorphism Rings have Finite Triangulating Dimension and Some Applications", Mediterr. J. Math., 2013. 
  2. M. Gurabi, "The Generalization of Prime Modules", Algebra, 1, 2013.
  3. M. Gurabi, A. Haghany, M.R. Vedadi, "Piecewise Semiprime Rings and some Applications", submitted.

Research Interests :

Ring Theory 

Module Theory

Programming with Mathematica